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In Summer, 2001 Glenn took his wife, three children and friends on a 3 week journey from New York to the majestic island of Kauai. They rented a 5 bedroom home in Haena called Tunnels Villa. They were captivated by The Aloha Spirit and returned every Summer, renting different homes across the north shore. During those vacations, Glenn cultivated his knowledge and formed House Of Dreams Kauai, sharing homes on Kauai to travelers from all over the world. Now Glenn and his wife personally own two Kauai homes, taking immense pleasure sharing Aloha with others as it was so graciously shared with them. Let Glenn help you and your Ohana live a life of Aloha...

Glenn offers the following services:

  1. Locate vacation rentals in desirable and proper locations.

  2. Refer the best realtors that think outside the box with their eye on value.

  3. Secure the ideal purchase price for your vacation rental.

  4. Design strategies to provide a solid return on your investment.

  5. Prepare a realistic estimate of expenses.

  6. Guide you through the process from purchase to your first rental clients.

  7. Supervise or oversee necessary renovations.

  8. Refer reputable contractors, draftsman and local legal assistance.

  9. Provide detailed inventory lists for vacation rentals.

  10. Assist in shopping and proper setup for your vacation rental.

  11. Personalize a theme to capture an audience so your rental “Stands Out”.

  12. Provide photographic services with proven success.

  13. Provide video and drone footage for marketing.

  14. Set up a reasonable time line to begin talking reservations.

  15. Suggest fair rental rates so your home meets your clients expectations.

  16. Provide low cost advertising and marketing strategy to maximize reservations and minimize vacancies.

  17. Recommend the top management team that best fits your needs.

  18. Set you up with fairly priced vacation rental maintenance providers.

  19. Provide a list of vendors specializing in services for vacation rentals.

  20. Instantly align you with expert Concierge Services so your first guests get the exact experiences they would expect in a seasoned vacation rental.

  21. Prepare a rental contract that is specific to your home.

Consulting fees are $125 per hour...(Call 808.755.5869)


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